The rooms of GAY-TANTRA® Oasis Berlin


Visit of Margot Anand on 02.07.2017

Margot was the first person to bring Tantra to the West in the 1970s. She is also called the 'Voice of the Origins'.
Armin Heining, GAY-TANTRA® Founder and Pioneer, met Margot for the first time in 1990 and has been in love with her since then.
On the occasion of a workshop in Berlin, Margot Anand has also visited her gay institute.

Her compliment: 'What a sexy and lovely GAY-TANTRA Temple'


The Building

The GAY-TANTRA® Oasis in Berlin is located in a town house built around 1900. The entrance has maintained its original decor and welcomes you with a large wall mirror and frescoes on the ceiling. The third and fourth floors were destroyed in the war and rebuilt at at later date. The house exterior has a plaque commemorating the neurologist and psychoanalyst, Max Levy-Suhl (1876 - 1947).


The Reception

Welcome to our stylish and energy-charged premises - the place where you can let go of the world for a while and immerse yourself completely in GAY-TANTRA®. The very reception is meant to convey that mood.



Take a seat in our lounge: forget the hustle and bustle of the capital city in our spacious premises. Let a glass of water refresh you or a glass of tea warm you up. Breathe freely and get acquainted with your masseur who will then lead you to one of our two massage rooms.


The 'Asia' Room

The 'Asia' Room is the more intimate of the two rooms: it is fitted out with a changing area, a futon bed, as well as a wall mirror and allows you to quickly enter your own inner worlds. Together with your masseur you can immerse yourself without distractions in a profound tantric experience.


The 'Orient' Room

A round arch reminiscent of the East bids you welcome. The sight of it brings feelings of abundance and sensuality to mind. This room provides sufficient space for a four-hand massage together with two masseurs or a tantrically led encounter together with your partner.


The Shower Temple

A further highlight of the GAY-TANTRA Oasis in Berlin is its lovingly equipped bathroom: the well-placed greenery and the plants themselves allow water and nature to blend. The modern steam shower with music, light effects and whirlpool delights the hearts of those seeking wellness. Our shower and bathing rituals take place in this room.

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