Oase Berlin

Our Team of the GAY-TANTRA® Oasis Berlin

Portrait Armin


Certified theologian, teacher, and alternative practitioner, GAY-TANTRA® Founder and Pioneer (since 1992), created the GAY-TANTRA massages (since 2008)

"For me, massage is communication - with body, energy, and spirit."

Massage guests about Armin:

"I value your sensitive touch greatly and can only recommend it - missing out on you means missing out on oneself!"

Portrait Frederik


Business correspondent and personnel officer. Wado-Ryu Karate Champion 2 Dan, spa massage therapist since 2003, later training in traditional Thai Massage, certified as GAY-TANTRA® massage therapist since 10-2013

"Massage is for me like a ray of sunshine: you are warmth, energy and well-being."

What massage guests said about Frederik:

"Unsurpassed. Completely absorbed in the experience."

Portrait Michele


Born in the heart of Italy, he started out studying law. He now lives and works in Berlin. He is interested in oriental philosophies and the history of Tantra. Since 01-2017 a GAY-TANTRA® certified masseur.

"When it comes to massage, quality and professionality are crucial for undertaking a journey with the senses."

Massage guests about Michele:

"I had a wonderful session with Michele and experienced a journey into the depths of the senses... Many thanks"

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